Why laces out when kicking football? [FAQs]

If you’ve ever watched a football game, you have no doubt heard the phrase “laces out” used by players and coaches when kicking a ball. But why “laces out?”

Answering the Age-Old Question: Why is it ‘Laces Out’ When Kicking Football?

What’s so special about the laces that they get their special call-out? Read on to find out!

The Science Behind Laces Out

The reason for the laces-out rule is simple science.

When kicking a football, it’s essential to ensure the ball spins appropriately. A good spin gives the ball better accuracy over long distances and helps it stay on course once kicked. The laces of a football are essential because they act as an axis point around which the ball rotates.

In other words, if you make contact with the laces, your kick will have more spin and greater accuracy than if you were to kick somewhere else on the ball.

In addition to helping create better kicks, calling out “laces out” also helps keep everyone safe on the field.

It’s not uncommon for a kicker to accidentally miss his mark and hit someone else in the face with an errant kick.

By calling out “laces out!” before every kick, players make sure that anyone in harm’s way knows where to expect contact from—and where not to!

Why Not Just Kick Away From The Laces All Together?

It may seem counterintuitive at first glance; why not just call “away from laces” instead of “laces out”?

While there is nothing wrong with avoiding contact with the laces, doing so can take away some of your control over where exactly your foot makes contact with the ball.

If you’re aiming for precision in your kicks (usually necessary), having complete control over where your foot strikes are essential for success.

That’s why most players opt for a “laces out” approach—it allows them direct control over their kicking motion while ensuring maximum contact with each kick!

The next time you hear someone shout “laces out” before taking a kick at a football game, don’t be confused—they know what they’re doing!

By calling attention to their target area before striking, players maximize accuracy and safety all in one go, making kicking much easier (and safer!) overall.

So remember: always strive for “LACES OUT!” when kicking footballs!