What size crochet hook for dreads? [FAQs]

If you’ve ever wondered what size crochet hook you need to install your dreadlocks, you’re not alone. Installing dreadlocks is a popular way to give your hair an edgy look that requires minimal upkeep, and many people are looking to DIY their hairstyle.

What Size Crochet Hook Do You Need for Dreads?

But before you start the process, you need the right equipment – starting with a crochet hook.

The Right Crochet Hook for Dreads

When installing dreadlocks, the size of your crochet hook matters; of course, everyone has different hair thicknesses and textures, so there is no one-size-fits-all answer here.

Generally speaking, a thicker crochet hook is better for coarser or thicker hair types, while a thinner crochet hook is better for finer hair types.

A good starting point is to use a 6mm (or J) size crochet hook – this should work for most people’s hair types.

As you get more comfortable with the process, you can experiment with other sizes if necessary.

Tools You’ll Need

Besides having the right craft supplies like yarn or thread and plenty of rubber bands, some additional tools will help make the installation process more manageable.

First, you should have some lubricant with you – this could be something as simple as water or oil (coconut oil works great). It will help ease the installation process by allowing your fingers to move more easily over the dreads as they are being formed.

It’s always essential to have some scissors handy in case any stray hairs need trimming or snipping away during installation.

Installing dreadlocks yourself isn’t a difficult task, but it requires preparation and research beforehand!

Make sure you have all your supplies ready before getting started – including the right-sized crochet hook – and don’t forget about lubricants and scissors too!

With these basics in hand, you’ll be able to create beautiful dreadlocks in no time!

Good luck!