What is the difference between handicraft and handcraft? [FAQs]

You’ve probably heard the terms “handicraft” and “handcraft” used interchangeably. But what is the difference between the two? Do they mean the same thing, or are they different?

The Difference Between Handicraft and Handcraft

There is a subtle but essential difference between the two that can confuse non-experts. Let’s take a closer look at what distinguishes handicrafts from handcraft.

What is Handicraft?

Handicraft, also known as craftsman work, is an activity that involves making objects with one’s hands without using any machines or tools. This type of craft focuses on manual labor and attention to detail. Common examples of handicrafts include pottery, weaving, woodworking, jewelry making, quilting, and glassblowing.

These activities often involve traditional techniques and require skillful hands for their completion.

What is Handcraft?

Handcraft differs from handicraft in that it typically involves some form of machinery or tool in its creation process. For example, handcrafted furniture may involve power tools such as saws and routers for shaping the wood into desired shapes.

Similarly, handcrafted jewelry may involve a machine casting metal pieces into desired forms or a laser cutter to create intricate metalwork designs.

While this type of craft still requires skillful hands for its completion, it also relies on modern technology to aid in its production process.

In summary, while handicrafts and handcraft involve skillful hands to complete an object, they differ in their use (or lack thereof) of machines and tools during production.

Handicraft focuses solely on manual labor, while handcraft uses modern technology to aid creation.

Understanding the distinction between these two types of crafts is essential so you can make an informed decision when buying handmade items!

Whether you are looking for something made entirely by hand or created with a combination of traditional techniques and modern technology, you now know precisely which craft to search for!


What types of crafts fall into the category of handicraft?

Many kinds of crafts qualify as handicrafts; some include weaving tapestries, carving wood sculptures, creating traditional clothing from fabric, designing jewelry from precious stones and metals, making pottery using clay, and constructing structures from stone masonry and building objects out of paper mache.

These activities require skillful manipulation of materials to produce items that are aesthetically pleasing as well as durable enough for future use.

Handicrafts also involve careful consideration when choosing colors, textures, and shapes to create an overall desired effect that reflects your style.

Where can I learn how to do my handicraft projects?

Learning how to make handmade pieces requires practice and patience, but plenty of help is available if you’re looking to get started with your own collection of handmade goods!

Many adult classes or workshops offer instruction on specific craft-making techniques like jewelry making, quilting, or painting furniture so you can practice under professional guidance before attempting more difficult projects at home by yourself.

There’s a wealth of tutorials online where you can find step-by-step instructions on almost any craft-related topic – this way, you can perfect different techniques without having to leave the comfort of your own home!