What do you call someone who makes handmade items? [FAQs]

Have you ever been shopping, seen something handmade, and marveled at craftsmanship?

Maybe you’ve even thought, “I wish I could make something like that.” If so, you may wonder what people call someone who creates these handmade items.

The answer depends on the item being created.

Someone making jewelry is usually called a jeweler or a jewel maker. The common term for those who make clothing is seamstress or tailor.

But if you want to get specific, some more obscure terms also come into play.

For example, someone who creates knitted items is often referred to as an artisan or a knitwear designer. And those with woodworking skills might be referred to as either carpenters or artisan woodworkers.

When it comes to handmade items made of paper, such as cards and stationery, the term used would be paper artist or paper crafter.

And finally, if someone enjoys making things from clay—pottery being the most common example—then they’re often referred to as ceramic artists or potters.

In each case, the terms used reflect the type of work being done and emphasize the artistry in creating these handmade pieces.

No matter what handmade item you create, there’s sure to be a term for it!

Between jewelers and potters, woodworkers and knitters, plenty of options are available when explaining what exactly you do!

While some of these terms may seem obscure at first glance, they all speak to the beauty and creativity that goes into handcrafted goods – which is why they should all be appreciated!

So next time you see something unique and beautiful made by hand – remember just how much skill went into its creation!

Whether it’s jewelry or pottery – take pride in knowing that the person behind it has rightfully earned their title!


What are the benefits of using handmade items?

Handmade items offer numerous benefits to the consumer.

  • The items usually have superior quality compared to mass-produced products and often have unique designs and styles that cannot be found anywhere else.
  • Handmade items can often be more cost-effective than their mass-produced counterparts since they do not require the same amount of resources.
  • By buying handmade items, you are supporting individual artisans and small businesses instead of large corporations, which is beneficial for keeping money within local economies.

What types of things can be made by hand?

Almost anything can be made by hand!

For centuries, artisans have been creating works of art, including furniture, pottery, sculptures, jewelry, textiles, glassware, and more.

Nowadays, plenty of hobbies, such as knitting, sewing, and woodworking, allow people to create handmade items in various materials.

How can you find someone who makes handmade items?

  • One option is searching through local markets or craft fairs where individual artisans are likely to sell their wares;
  • Another is looking online through websites such as Etsy or eBay, where independent crafters are likely to have a presence.
  • There may be niche websites dedicated to certain types of crafts or geographical locations where you might find an artisan specializing in handcrafted goods nearby.