How many hoodies does the average person have? [FAQs]

The hoodie is one of our wardrobes’ most versatile and comfortable pieces of clothing.

It’s a closet staple for every season—from lounging on the couch in winter to running errands on a fantastic summer night, and hoodies are always there for us. But how many does the average person own? Let’s take a look.

How Many Hoodies Does the Average Person Have?

Everyone has their style and method when it comes to collecting hoodies. Some people buy them by the dozen, while others stick to just two or three they can wear regularly.

According to studies conducted by market research companies, the overall average number of hoodies owned by individuals aged 18-29 is 6.2 per person. This isn’t surprising when you consider that this age group tends to be more active with their fashion choices—wanting something new and trendy each season—so they don’t mind buying multiple items at once.

Another factor in play is personal preference regarding sizing and fit. Hoodies come in all shapes and sizes, from baggy oversized styles to snug athletic fits, so some people tend to have more than one version of their favorite class to mix things up as needed. This might account for why some people have more than twice as many hoodies as the average (13-14).

Finally, gender can also be a deciding factor regarding owning multiple hoodies. Studies show that women typically own 3-4 per person compared with men who own 5-6 on average—which could be attributed to differences in body type, such as chest size or sleeve length requirement being more complex for women’s styles than men’s styles.

Having multiple hoodies is about personal preference and lifestyle needs; some may need just one or two for casual wear, while others might want an entire wardrobe full of options for different occasions or activities.

So if you’re curious about how many you should have in your closet, ask yourself what works best for you! No matter how many you choose, there’s no wrong answer—make sure your collection includes plenty of cozy favorites!