What size men’s hoodie for a woman? [FAQs]

Women love hoodies just as much as men, but the sizing can be tricky.

How to Wear a Men’s Hoodie as a Woman

If you’re looking to rock a men’s hoodie and make it look fashionable on your frame, here are some tips that will help you get the right fit.

Size Matters

Aim to size down two notches when shopping for a men’s hoodie. If you usually wear an extra-small women’s top, opt for an extra-small in men’s clothing.

It may feel slightly snug initially, but keep in mind that they usually stretch out over time. Choose one with a relaxed fit to ensure that the hoodie is roomy enough to layer comfortably.

Length Considerations

Typically speaking, men’s hoodies are more extended than women’s, which can be beneficial if you plan on wearing leggings or jeans with them.

However, too much excess fabric can look sloppy, so it may be worth considering having it altered by a tailor who specializes in changing menswear.

This will give the garment more of a custom fit and help create a flattering silhouette.

Accessorize Your Look

Women tend to accessorize more than men do, and this is an excellent way to take your look from drab to fab when wearing menswear pieces like hoodies.

Add some color by experimenting with statement jewelry or bold makeup looks such as bright lipstick or eye-catching eyeshadow colors like blue and green.

You could also try adding some volume with scarves or hats for added depth and texture in your outfit ensemble.

Wearing a men’s hoodie can be highly fashionable if you know what size and length work best for your body type and style preferences. When purchasing one, aim to size down two notches to fit snugly while allowing room for layering underneath during colder months.

If necessary, have it tailored by a professional so that the length is right according to your height and proportions.

Lastly, don’t forget to accessorize! Statement jewelry and bold makeup are great ways to take your look up several levels when wearing menswear pieces like hoodies.

With these tips in mind, you’ll be sure to rock any men’s hoodie with confidence!