How many condensed resin can you hold? [FAQs]

Ah, the age-old question: How much resin can you fit in your pocket? The answer may surprise you! If you’re an enthusiast looking for a way to easily store and transport your favorite resin figures, then keep reading.

How Many Resin Jars Can You Fit in Your Pocket?

We’ll break down all the facts about how much resin you can fit in your pocket—and why it matters!

The Case for Resin Pockets

Resin figures are lightweight and compact, making them perfect for carrying around wherever you go. Having them in your pocket is a great way to keep all your favorite figures close at hand so that they won’t get lost or damaged. But just how many resin jars can fit into one pocket?

The answer depends on several factors, including the jar size, the pocket, and even which type of resin figure is being carried! Generally speaking, a typical adult’s front jeans pocket can hold up to three small jars of resin.

However, if each jar holds more than 1oz of wax (which is likely), then you may want to opt for a larger pocket instead. For example, some people prefer to carry their resin figures in backpacks or purses.

It’s also important to consider the type of figure that you’re carrying. More miniature figures like gacha or blind boxes will take up less space than larger ones like busts or action figures.

By considering the size and shape of your resin figure when choosing which pocket to put it in, you can ensure enough room for all your favorites!

Whether it’s two or three jars of resin that fit comfortably in one pocket—or perhaps more if stored elsewhere—there’s no denying that having this option can be incredibly handy when it comes time to transport your favorite collections out and about with ease.

So next time you’re out on an adventure with your latest find tucked away safely in your pocket, take pride in knowing just how many more pieces could have been included!